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  • Died in Train Derailment
    Huldah Keeler MALLORY (1809-1883) was on a train trip from Ontario to Nebraska along with her daughter and son-in-law when the train they were on derailed near Flint, Michigan. Huldah (your webmaster's 2x great grandmother) was killed when their car rolled over. Details of the accident were printed in the local newspaper, "The Wolverine Citizen". A copy of the original article is presented here.
  • Seaman Park - Thunder Bay, Ontario
    Named for Allen Grant SEAMAN (1857-1946) and his son, Robert Lloyd SEAMAN.
  • Radio Personality
    Theodore Wells CHURCH (1901-1974) was a Seaman descendant born of the Drummond Island, Michigan line. He was a reporter, on-air personality and director of news for the CBS radio network in the 1940's and 50's.
  • Interesting Names
    At the turn of the last century, David Allen SEAMAN (1875-1955) and his wife, Maude WETHERILL (1889-1973) had twins born to them. They chose to name those boys, Homer and Gomer. The names evidently marked them for life as they never married.
  • World War I Hero
    William (Billy) Avery BISHOP (1894-1956) of Owen Sound, Ontario, was a fighter pilot for the Royal Flying Corps during WWI. He was credited with 72 enemy planes downed and was awarded the British Empire's highest military award, the Victoria Cross. In 1994 a postage stamp was issued bearing his likeness.
  • The Loss of Children
    In the winter of 1906 in Nebraska the family of Jim SEAMAN (1848-1920) suffered a great loss. Their two youngest children died of typhoid fever. A letter from Jim's sister-in-law tells of the event: They died within ten minutes of each other, and were buried in one grave. Their names were May and Lola. One was 16 years old and the other 14 when they died. Jim says their house was left desolate, and I should think it was.
  • Pilot to President Eisenhower
    James Boyd SEAMAN (1924-1999) served in the Eisenhower White House as pilot of Marine Corps One (helicopter). A scan of the certificate issued to him may be seen here.
  • Brothers and Sisters
    Not really that unusual but an instance of two brothers marrying two sisters is here: David Allen SEAMAN and Maude M WETHERILL along with their respective siblings Walter Scott SEAMAN and Ina Claris WETHERILL. It is interesting to note that one of these unions produced all male offspring while the other produced all female!
  • Farm Equipment Manufacturer
    Stephen Henry CHAPMAN (1860-1921) organized the Ontario Wind Engine and Pump Company which produced farm equipment and later started up the Chapman Engine Company which manufactured internal combustion engines.
  • First Chairman of Toronto
    Frederick Goldwin GARDINER (1895-1983), husband of Audrey SEAMAN was appointed as the first Chairman of the newly created Metro Toronto in 1953.
  • Victim of Grave Robbers
    Lillie Rosina SEAMAN (1860-1919) died and was buried during a hot spell in July of 1919 on Drummond Island, Michigan. Unfortunately, she didn't get to stay buried. The full story is given here.
  • Hardwood Flooring Manufacturer
    William Benjamin SEAMAN (1859-1953) founded the Seaman-Kent Company in Meaford, Ontario. They manufactured "Beaver Brand" flooring. The company expanded rapidly and marketed its products throughout the US, Canada and the United Kingdom before falling victim to the Great Depression.
  • Betsy Seaman Memorial Park
    Elizabeth GRANDY (1820-1896) was the matriarch of the Drummond Island, Michigan Seaman line. A small park, across the street from the Drummond Island Museum, is named in her honor.
  • Last Surviving McLaughlin-Buick 'Model F'
    In 1908 Nathan Duxbury SEAMAN (1850-1928) a lumber mill operator in Sauble Falls, Ontario purchased a new car. That car remained in the family until sold to General Motors in 1937. Today, the car has been restored by GM Canada and is the last known example of that model.
  • Early Mormon
    Daniel Murray SEAMAN (1811-1863) was an early devotee of the Mormon religion being ordained as a priest in 1837, one of the Seventies in Missouri under Brigham Young, one of the Seventies on Beaver Island under James "King" Strang. He ultimately abandoned the religion around 1853.