Billy Bishop (GGGreat Grandson of Caleb) was a WWI ace and was awarded
the Victoria Cross.

Seaman Family Military Service

It goes back at least to the mid 1600's when Caleb's grandfather, John Seaman, was in New Haven, Connecticut. During this time came the Pequot Indian War, and John was given command of a company of the Connecticut Troops. Hence John Seaman’s title of Captain. John Strickland (who later became John's father-in-law) was lieutenant of the company.

Members of the Seaman family have always served when their countries called. From the American Revolution to the War of 1812 to the American Civil War, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf Wars and Afganistan. There have been Seamans in every conflict. Some of the Seaman family even chose to make careers out of the military.

Caleb Seaman - Revolutionary War (British)
While there is no indication that he served in an organized military unit, there is evidence that he joined a party of loyalists under the leadership of John W. Meyers in 1777. They were engaged in acts of resistance against the revolutionaries near Amenia and Schenectady, New York. He was arrested and held at Fishkill, NY. According to muster rolls he was a prisoner there for seven years, however it is known that during that period Caleb either escaped, was exchanged or released on a bond of non-participation.

Samuel Murray Seaman Son of Caleb - War of 1812 (British)
Sam was a Sergeant in the militia. He died from wounds received while on garrison duty at Gananoque, (one of the Thousand Islands near the site of old Fort Frontenac) - a battle in which the British were defeated. Sam's death left his wife, Sarah, with their family of six children.

Smith Seaman Son of Caleb - War of 1812 (British)

Allen Grant Seaman Grandson of Caleb - A Canadian, he chose to serve in the American Union Army during the US Civil War. He served from 1862-1865 in the 2nd Wisconsin Calvary Regiment.

Oren Seaman 2x Great-Grandson of Caleb - Private 1st Class - 41st Infantry, 10th Division - US Army - World War I

Charles Earl Fairchild 2x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Coast Guard - World War I

William Avery Bishop
  Billy Bishop was awarded the Victoria Cross, Great Britian's highest military award.

William Avery (Billy) Bishop was a 3x Great Grandson of Caleb and was born in Grey county, Ontario. It was in this area where many of the Seaman family had made their homes. He joined the military during World War I as a member of the Canadian cavalry but soon became a member of the air corps as a fighter pilot. He was credited with 72 enemy planes downed and awarded the highest British military honor, the Victoria Cross, for action over France in 1917. At the end of WWI he was only 24 years of age and held the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in the Royal Flying Corps. At the start of WWII he was appointed to the rank of "Honorary Air Marshall". In Owen Sound, Ontario his birthplace has been converted into a museum, its website is here

Melvin Browning Seaman 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - World War II

Buster Brown Bailey 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - PFC US Army - World War II

Clarence A. Bruce 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Navy - World War II

James Boyd Seaman
  Jim Seaman was awarded the Navy Cross, America's second highest military award.

James Boyd (Jim) Seaman was born in Fallon county, Montana. Yet another 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb Seaman. Jim joined the US Marine Corps and became a pilot in 1943. In 1945 he was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions in defending 2 destroyers from air attack off Okinawa. He also flew fighter planes during the Korean conflict. After Korea, he was retrained for helicopters and was later assigned to Marine Helecopter Squadron One - White House duty. Major Seaman acted as pilot of Marine One during the Eisenhower presidency. He retired from active duty in 1964 having served in WW II, Korea and Vietnam.

Lyle Melvin Seaman 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Navy

Donald Ray Seaman 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Army

Melvin Browning Seaman 3x Great-Grandson of Caleb - Pfc - US Army - World War II

Vernon Edward Seaman 4x Great-Grandson of Caleb - World War II

Floyd Solomonson Seaman 4x Great-Grandson of Caleb - World War II

David Brian Williams
  David Williams served in the US Army during 2 tours in Vietnam

David Brian Williams 4x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Army - Vietnam

Timothy William Seaman 4x Great-Grandson of Caleb - US Navy

Ivan Meade Gable 4x Great-Grandson of Caleb - Cpl - US Marine Corps.